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Thermo Polar Bear
Thermo Polar Bear

Thermo Polar Bear

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Mexico is the first place in consumption of bottled water in the world, a bottle takes 100 to 1,000 years to degrade, polluting the land and oceans of thousands of species, putting them at endangered .

that Is why concerned about this situation and having the potential to provide an alternative, we created for you a thermos of high quality that has a double wall that prevents condensation to keep you dry, and you can take it with you to all sides.

it Has a capacity of 590ml, Keeps your drinks cold up to 20 hours and hot drinks up 10 hours.

In honor of some species in danger of extinction appoint our terms:
Polar Bear, Koala and Manatee .

The experts in Polar Bear predict that as the Arctic continues to warm due to climate change, two-thirds of the world's polar bears could disappear by mid-century.

from the year 2008 have been on the list of endangered animals. Its current population is estimated at around 25,000 as a maximum. Let's hope that these conservation efforts are not too late to help that number increase.

According to National Geographic every minute, sold almost a million of plastic bottles all over the world, imagine the difference we could make if instead of buying a bottle just re fill our terms.
¡Let us make a difference!