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Termo de acero inoxidable con doble capa de aislamiento, lo que permite mantener tu bebida caliente hasta por 10 horas y fría hasta por 20 horas.
Thermo Koala
Thermo Koala
Thermo Koala

Thermo Koala

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Mexico is the first place in consumption of bottled water in the world, a bottle takes 100 to 1,000 years to degrade, polluting the land and oceans of thousands of species, putting them at endangered .

that Is why concerned about this situation and having the potential to provide an alternative, we created for you a thermos of high quality that has a double wall that prevents condensation to keep you dry, and you can take it with you to all sides.

it Has a capacity of 740ml, Keeps your drinks cold up to 20 hours and hot drinks up to 10 hours.

In honor of some species in danger of extinction appoint our terms:
Polar Bear, Koala and Manatee .
In the decade of 1920 and 1930 the hunting of Koalas was very popular, so their population decreased considerably.

Thanks to re-introduction programmes have become to appear in their natural habitat, but they are still few and are scattered. Koalas need a lot of space, about a hundred trees per koala, which represents a serious problem due to the decline of forests.

According to National Geographic every minute, sold almost a million of plastic bottles all over the world, imagine the difference we could make if instead of buying a bottle just re fill our terms.
¡Let us make a difference!