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Thermo Manatee

Thermo Manatee

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Mexico is the first place in consumption of bottled water in the world, a bottle takes 100 to 1,000 years to degrade, polluting the land and oceans of thousands of species, putting them at endangered .

that Is why concerned about this situation and having the potential to provide an alternative, we created for you a thermos of high quality that has a double wall that prevents condensation to keep you dry, and you can take it with you to all sides.

it Has a capacity of 502ml, keeps your drinks cold up to 20 hours and hot drinks up 10 hours.

In honor of some species in danger of extinction appoint our terms:
Polar Bear, Koala and Manatee .

loss of habitat is the most serious threat facing the Manatees in several countries. In Florida, a count, indicates that, in January 2011, the minimum population was 4,834 manatees.

The man is the main responsible for the low number of manatees that exist today in the world. They are hunted mainly for their fat and meat, apart from that its waters are contaminated by toxic substances. The motor boats represent a constant danger to these mammals, because they are in shallow water, the blades reach to hurt them severely.

Another big problem is that, due to the creation of artificial sources of heat, the manatees stop to migrate and settle in those places becoming dependent, but when these sources fail, the waters become icy, so that these animals die inevitably.

According to National Geographic every minute, sold almost a million of plastic bottles all over the world, imagine the difference we could make if instead of buying a bottle just re fill our terms.
¡Let us make a difference!